You can’t be a good swimmer without being mentally tough. You wouldn’t make it through a single workout if you weren’t. Swimmers must have the mental ability to let go of what their body feels and focus on the race, their stroke, or anything else that helps them finish the race.

~ Sally Anderson

I just refused to give up, to give up the dream. I was in excruciating pain, my arm was numb and they said it would be six months, if ever, for me to be back in the water. I thought my career was over, I was shattered but I never lost hope. I’ve always believed if you want to do something badly enough you will do it. Some told me that if you visualized healing an injury it would heal faster and that’s what I did

~ Lynda Dackiw

Canadian diver Despatie to continue quest for Olympic gold

By Kevin Nielsen,
Originally Published: December 2, 2011

It’s not his first trip to the rodeo. Actually London 2012 won’t his second or third trip either.

Canadian diver Alexandre Despatie is hoping that his fourth Olympic Games will be the one to fill in the final hole in his trophy case…. Click here to read on

I did my dives in my head all the time. At night, before going to sleep, I always did my dives. Ten dives. I started with a front dive, the first one that I had to do at the Olympics, and I did everything as if I was actually there. I saw myself on the board with the same bathing suit. Everything was the same. I saw myself in the pool at the Olympics doing my dives. If the dive was wrong, I went back and started over again. It takes a good hour to do perfect imagery of all my dives but for me it was better than a workout. I felt like I was on the board. Sometimes I would take the weekend off and do imagery five times a day.

~ Anonymous

It took me a long time to control my images and perfect my imagery, maybe a year, doing it every day. At first I couldn’t see myself, I always saw everyone else, or I would see my dives wrong all the time. As I continued to work at it, I got to the point where I could see myself doing a perfect dive and the crowd yelling at the Olympics.

~ Sylvie Bernier