I don’t think the world focuses on the positive things enough.

~ Dwyane Wade


It’s about taking advantage of the opportunities you have right now, and right now we’re in a position where you call somebody and they’re willing to pick up and take the call because they’re a fan, you have to take advantage of that and have a chance to capitalize on your ideas.

~ Dwyane Wade

Why Even Olympians Choke

By Olga Khazan, The Atlantic
Originally Published: 13 February 2014

Russia is nine hours ahead, so we all knew what would happen, and somehow that made it even worse. At first Shaun White—flying tomato, snowboarding legend, two-time Olympic gold medalist—sailed through the halfpipe with characteristic aplomb. Then, there was trouble on one of his first tricks, and he slid down part of the ramp on his rear.

“That’s okay!” we thought (or would have thought, had we not already seen the result on Twitter.) There was still time for White to recover the run… Click here to read on

Gregg Popovich of San Antonio Spurs says players must play coach on court

By ESPN.com news services
Originally Published: 6 March 2014

Gregg Popovich, famously curt and sarcastic, revealed one of the secrets to the San Antonio Spurs’ success in a moment of candid reflection Tuesday, saying empowering his players to communicate on the court as he does during timeouts is key to getting them to make the right decisions throughout a game.

Popovich, speaking to media before a typically efficient 122-101 rout of the host Cleveland Cavaliers, said he often mines the “competitiveness and the character of the player” in shaping them into confident, productive components of the Spurs’ offense… Click here to read on

To Infinity and Beyond: My Interview with Ultramarathoner Bryon Powell

By Dr. Jim Afremow

Bryon Powell is an ultramarathoner, the author of “Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons” (Breakaway Books, 2011), and he publishes the outstanding trail and ultrarunning website iRunFar.com. Ultramarathoners compete in distances of 31 miles, 50 miles, 62 miles, or even 100 miles. I asked Bryon how he moves through the wall of pain and discomfort to achieve his goals that rest on the other side. You don’t have to be an ultramarathoner to benefit from his sage advice: Click here to read on