Klinsmann, U.S. get the result they needed vs. Mexico

By Grant Wahl, Sports Illustrated
Originally Published: March 27, 2013

MEXICO CITY — Last week, when the U.S. national team was beset by injuries and doubts over whether coach Jurgen Klinsmann had lost the locker room, the range of possible public opinions after the two World Cup qualifiers this week was fascinating. On one end was “Fire Klinsmann Now” if the U.S. lost both games to Costa Rica and Mexico. And at the other end was “Klinsmann is a genius” if the U.S. somehow found a way to win both games.

Well, look what happened. The U.S. grabbed four points in two games, beating Costa Rica and earning a point in Estadio Azteca for the second time in history on Tuesday in a taut 0-0 tie against a frustrated (and now winless) Mexico team. While Klinsmann didn’t quite end up on the extreme “genius” end of the scale, he was closer than just about anyone would have expected 10 days ago… Click here to read on


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