Thomas, Loeffler enter 2013 with something to prove

By Brian Hamilton, Sports Illustrated
Originally Published: April 3, 2013

On the day he decided to return to Virginia Tech, Logan Thomas had his first professional job interview. His soon-to-be-new offensive coordinator sat across from him in the football offices, and Scot Loeffler’s introduction began with polite, icebreaking chatter about family and personal interests. Fairly swiftly, both sides recognized they had much in common. So, just as swiftly, they went to the wall for each other.

Loeffler drew up formations on a large dry-erase board and asked his prospective protégé to install protection schemes. He quizzed Thomas on his thought process. When Thomas finished, Loeffler took over and sketched out what the schemes actually should look like. It was an approximation of standard pre-NFL draft quarterback interrogation, and Loeffler told Thomas it would be just the two of them from there. Two men with recent failures like thumbtacks in their heels, one dedicated to get the other where he wanted to go… Click here to read on


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